Backup electric, and comunications

Back Up Electric

Electricity is a key need in our modern lives today. When the electric grid goes down, we need power to keep food refrigerated, and to power battery powered communications such as cell phones and other wireless devices. There are power solutions in many varying sizes, all the way up to off grid capable personal solar and wind power.


I purchased the bare minimum that would power my house if I limited what appliances used at any time. It's actually enough to run my A/C. And easily runs my gas furnace during winter, along with an appliance or two at the same time.

The YouTube here shows the 11KW dual fuel generator I got for my house. It helps through short term power outages, or as long as I have fuel for.

Backup Communications

When all data and cell service go down, usually from extended power outages, the only personal communications available are two way radios. The free to use, without HAM or GMSR license, is Citizen Band (CB) and FRS radios. While range is limited, you can create a radio network with neighbors up to 12 miles away depending on terrane and topography.

The best FRS radios to consider are ones rechargeable and can be powered by USB cords, so you can use portable solar panels and USB battery banks to recharge. This gives good flexibility for bugging in and bugging out conditions.

two walkie talkies sitting on top of a wooden table
two walkie talkies sitting on top of a wooden table

From Tiny Home, to RV, and small project off grid solar systems.


After 15 years of development, ECO-WORTHY has become the world's leading provider of independent off-grid solar power system solutions. Its sales network covers more than 60 countries and regions, and it has served more than 500,000 customers.

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SOLAR AND BATTERY BANK charged backups

The flexibility of small, portable, USB charged and powered products are their size and storability for bugout and bug-in uses. There are many faraday storage solutions for these small sized products. And, they can be charged with portable solar panels. They are great for extended power outages, camping, and more.